Vishwadarshana Seva Trust

Vishwadarshana Seva Trust
“Vishwadarshana Seva” has been involved in various sociocultural activities including assistance to the needy, regular yoga and meditation camp, assistance to the treatment of poor patients and skill development training. Vishwadarshana Seva is an affiliate of Vidyadarshana Educational Institute which has made a mark in education due to quality education. It is the main branch of the Yellapur Taluk. There is continuous service activities in various towns and villages..
Small Actions X Lots of People

Yoga-Meditation Camp

Yoga and meditation camps are being organized by “Vishwadarshana Seva” for a healthy society. Pranayamas are practiced by skilled trainees. These camps are being organized not only in the town but also in rural areas. Currently there is such a continuous campaign

Social service with education

The Vishwadarsana Educational Institute, which teaches ritual with education, has given responsible citizens to society. Many former students of high-profile organizations have a social service crunch. He has also joined hands with “Vishwadarshana Seva”. The organization recognizes and honors the achievements identified through service activities to children and their ideals. The service attitude is also being developed among the students.

Assistance To Flood Victims:
The Vishwadarshana Service has been of great help to those affected by the floods of July 2021. Aid has been provided to help people in difficult conditions such as mountain slumps and roadblocks. The Vishwadarshana Service has partnered with the Uttara Kannada District to handle the flood situation efficiently. Hundreds of people living in distress and flood victims have been provided with meals, clothes and relief. A tribute to the firefighters and staff who have left their lives to protect the victims of floods has been honored. Along with this, emergency equipment is sent to the areas affected by the storm, such as evacuation of the hill, construction of a new road in the village which has been disconnected, assisted in the funeral of the dead cattle, and the construction of a canal to prevent the water from entering the lake. The Vishwadarshana Seva team has worked hard on village sanitation through the cleanup campaign even after the floods are over.
Skill Development Training:
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Agreement With Hospital
“Vishwadarshana Seva” is working to provide better medical facilities to the people of Uttara Kannada district at a lower cost. To this end, it has contracted with the state’s prestigious hospitals. Those who are economically disadvantaged and who are suffering from financial problems may not be able to go to various hospitals with discounts of the Vishvardhanasa service. Volunteers who work in the respective hospitals are welcoming and assisting patients.

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